Dinner starts at 3:00 PM

Pollo Relleno - $16.95
Adobo-rubbed stuffed chicken breast with yuca al mojo, roasted red peppers, baby spinach, wrapped in bacon, and a cilantro mojito sauce with Spanish rice.

Filete de Chillo Rojo - $18.95
Pan-seared Scarlet Snapper filet with fresh tomatillo, cilantro, and lime topped with crispy frizzled leeks and lobster mashed potatoes.

Churrasco - $19.95
Grilled Latin American skirt steak with caramelized onions, Portobello mushrooms, finished with a house chimichurri sauce, with Vianda mash.

Ropa Vieja - $18.95
Shredded Tasajo beef in a Pinot Noir with oyster mushrooms, diced onions, peppers and julienne scallions with Cuban-style rice.

Paella Negra - $24.95
Spanish-style black bean rice with chicken morsels, pork medallions, Portuguese chorizo, black tiger shrimp, clams, mussels and lobster meat with plantains.

Bistec Empanado - $14.95
Puerto Rican style fried cube steak with piquillo green peppers, caramalized onions, and diced tomatoes with white rice and beans.

Costillas de Res - $15.95
Spanish-style braised beef short ribs with diced carrots, onions and peppers simmered in a Brown Demi sauce with white rice.

Pescado - $18.95
Oven roasted plantain-crusted Scrod and baby fresh clams with tomatoes, red onions, chick peas in a garlic white wine sauce with white rice and beans.

Mar Y Tierra - $21.95
8 oz. Churrasco steak with Al Ajillo shrimp, casino butter and Latin fried rice.

Vegetariano - $13.95
Wild mushroom and sweet plantain risotto with asparagus, sweet corn and fire roasted red peppers.


Pastelon - $13.95
A lusciously layered dish of sweet plantains with seasoned prime ground beef, melted cheese and a thin layer of Frittata and white rice.

Pernil - $15.95
Oven roasted marinated pork shoulder - fork tender! Served with Puerto Rican tamale and Spanish rice.

Carne Frita - $13.95
Ever popular marinated pork medallions with fresh garlic, herbs and olive oil, deep fried until crispy tender served with your choice of rice of plantains.

Chicharron de Pollo - $12.95
Marinated chicken morsels with fresh garlic, herbs and olive oil, deep fried until crispy tender served over your choice of rice or plantains.

Chuletas - $16.95
Pan seared porke chops smothered with caramalized onions and roasted red peppers slowly cooked in a Sofrito Spanish sauce.

Seafood Zarzuelas - $18.95
Seafood fiesta of clams, mussels, shrimp, lobster meat, scallops, calamari steamed in a roasted garlic, tomato and fresh basil sauce.

Shrimp Alajillo - $16.95
Delicately marinated black tiger shrip with fresh garlic, diced tomatoes, scallions and olice oil, pan seared and finished with a garlic butter sauce, served with your choice of rice.

Chicken Al Ajillo - $14.95
Tender chicken breast marinated in garlic and olive oil, pan seared with diced tomatoes, scallions, fresh herbs and finished with a garlic butter sauce, served with your choice of rice.


A popular Island dish, Mofongos are fried plantains mashed with garlic.

with Fried Pork Medalions - $13.95

with Shrimp - $16.95

with Chicken Al Ajillo - $14.95

with Churrasco Steak - $18.95

with Seafood Salad - $21.95

Here Are Some Favorite's

  • Ropa Vieja
  • Chicharron de Pollo
  • Mofongos with Seafood Salad


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